My Story

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My Story

Where it started

I’ve had a keen interest in electronics since a very young age, I was able to solder a cube with solid core wire in elementary school. It was easy back then, components were large and mostly through hole.

As time passed and advancements were made, more and more components became surface mount. This made it difficult for hobbyists to create things at home.

It was at this time where I discovered software programming. All the satisfaction of creating something useful without the need to build hardware.

When I finished school I immediately enrolled for a qualification in Computer System Engineering at a technical university, the perfect marriage between hardware and software.

There was a pause

After finishing my qualification the situation with surface mount components only got worse. In this time modules was not available yet, besides I got my satisfaction from work. I got to work in a lab with all the tools for electronics and some Microchip PIC programming. However my progression pulled away from technical and before I knew it I was sitting in an office behind a desk away from the lab.

Return to fulfilment

I was doing small projects on a Raspberry Pi and Odroid C2 in between but it was not enough. In 2018 the bug had bitten, I had to do more. I become serious about returning to my technical roots. I bought some sensor modules and began designing my own weather station with a twist, I would do it all myself without the use of libraries.

Why the website

I did not find many useful articles or tutorials on the more advances topics. Most tutorials focused on putting existing blocks together to create a single use project. I wanted to program my ESP32 in C++ using the ESP IDF, there are plenty information available on setting up the IDF for C but not for C++.

I want to create a website with tutorials and guides that goes beyond the basics, beyond the easy steps and into the advanced. I want to help people transition from basic hobby oriented tools to tools that a professional might use.